I’m a young researcher in physics interested in all aspects of soft, active, disordered, and complex matter. My research focuses on materials that do things by themselves, such as active solids and mechanical metamaterials.

I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at AMOLF, working with Martin van Hecke on mechanical metamaterials that compute.

Before that, I did my PhD in the Gulliver Lab at ESPCI Paris with Olivier Dauchot.

Academic background :

  • PhD in Physics (2019-2022) ESPCI Paris, Paris, France
    Active elastic solids : collective motion, collective actuation & polarization
    Supervisor : Olivier Dauchot, Gulliver Lab
    Collaborators : Gustavo During (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Corentin Coulais (University of Amsterdam), Vincent Démery (ESPCI Paris)
  • MSc ICFP (Soft Matter track, 2018-2019) ENS Ulm, Paris, France
  • ESPCI Paris (Physics track, 2015-2018) Paris, France

Contact :
10 rue Vauquelin, Paris, 75005